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About Us

Au Soft is software Development Company focused on delivering highly competitive and qualified development services for its customers.

We provide great services and ideass

Our mission is to explore the cutting-edge technologies and keep our customers satisfied with the deliverables they trusted us to accomplish. We are experienced in different professional fields such as Finance, mobile Banking, online shopping, e-commerce and web development. Our goal is to serve you as a consulter and deliver required needs according to your business requirements.

If you are interested for further collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with your concerns and requirements of your business. Our engineers will do their best to provide you needed information for mutual efficient collaboration.

Our Services

These are the technologies (services) we can provide while working with our customers:

Java Web applications

We provide web development with comprehensive solutions, such as front and back-end development. Technologies we use are mainly concentrated on JAVA technologies, utilizing also Spring(Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, etc), Hibernate JPA and front end as Spring MVC, Angular 4, Angular JS and so on. Creating and using SOAP web services as well as RESTful web services.

Wordpress Web Development, e-commerce

Developing different websites using wordpress as a CMS. Utilizing different plugins mainly working on e-commerce websites using particularly woocommerce plugin. Working with JavaScript, CSS3 and html5 technologies.

C++ applications

We provide c++ applications using c++ 14 standard, QT for GUI, STL, BOOST.

ELK stack monitoring

We provide log analysis, application and infrastructure monitoring with ELK stack using latest elastic 5 tools like Logstash, Filebeat, Topbeat, Elasticsearch, Kibana.

Our Team

Our team is consisted from 4 great engineers specialized in Java and PHP development languages, worked in different technological environments and databases, giving different projects in mobile, web base, desktop applications. Our projects were conducted by professional Project Manager PMPĀ®, who was responsible for delivering on time, scope and on budget projects to or customers.

Mihran M.

Project manager

Razmik Ch.

Software developer

Movses D.

Software developer

Hovhannes A.

Software developer

Contact Us

For further information, you can contact us through the email or fill in this form and we will contact you ASAP.

Estonakan 3 Street
Yerevan, Armenia